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Land Promotion Process

Sigma Strategic Land take a patient but determined approach to land promotion


The process: step by step

The process begins with our Land & Planning team who will undertake an initial appraisal to assess the potential of your land for development. This will allow us to make an informed proposal to you.

If your land had potential, we will make an offer detailing how we would partner with you by way of either a Promotion Agreement or an Option Agreement to obtain a planning permission, the likely timescales involved and how we will be paid at the end of the process.

The considerable costs associated with obtaining planning permission are paid entirely by us at our risk; it is only when permission is obtained and the site is sold that we take a pre-agreed split of the sale proceeds.

We will not own the land so the landowner is free to continue to use the land and to collect any rent or other income from the land whilst planning permission is being obtained.

Our initial appraisal will set out the most effective strategy for obtaining a planning permission.

Some sites will need careful promotion through the Local Authorities Plan Review Process, which will involve making representations to the Local Plan, attending Plan examinations and careful monitoring of the Councils Housing Land Supply position to obtain an Allocation for Development in the Local Plan, before a planning application can be made.

In other cases, it might be appropriate to go straight to the Planning Application stage.

Our planning strategy is individually tailored to each site to ensure the best chance of success.

Sigma will instruct an experienced professional team to prepare a planning application. There is a lot more to the making of a successful planning application than is immediately apparent. In addition to quality architects plans and design there is a whole raft of technical reports, surveys and other supporting documentation that will be required. Each site is unique but typically a planning application will require:

  • Design & Access Statement
  • Viability Assessment
  • Draft Legal Agreements/Undertakings
  • CIL/S106 to cover developer contributions & affordable housing delivery
  • Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment
  • Heritage
  • Ecology
  • Archaeology
  • Trees
  • Flood Risk
  • Transport & Highways
  • Drainage including SUD’s Strategy
  • Provision and adequacy of mains services
  • Contamination & remediation strategy
  • Statement of Public & Community Involvement

All of this work is undertaken by Sigma Strategic Land at our cost.

Whilst it is always our preference to obtain a satisfactory planning permission at local level, this is sometimes just not achievable for a variety of reasons. This is not unusual and Sigma Strategic Land are very experienced in leading planning appeals. Due to the complexity of such sites an appeal by way of Public Inquiry or an Informal Hearing is usually required.

Sigma Strategic Land will instruct an experienced team typically lead by a Planning Barrister supported by a team of Expert Witnesses who will produce robust evidence and attend the appeal to give evidence to the Planning Inspector. The Planning Inspector is independent of the Council and is appointed by the governments Planning Inspectorate.

Once planning permission has been obtained then we will proceed to market and sell the site to the best bidder in the case of a Promotion Agreement or to complete the purchase in the case of an Option Agreement.

Where appropriate, an external specialist land agent will be instructed to market the site and to identify the preferred purchaser.

The two usual ways of promoting land for development are typically by way of either a Promotion Agreement or an Option Agreement

In either case, Sigma Strategic Land will not own the land so the landowner is free to continue to use the land and to collect any rent or other income from the land whilst planning permission is being obtained. There are subtle, but distinct differences between these two forms of agreement:

What is a Promotion Agreement?

Sigma Strategic Land act on behalf of the landowner to promote and obtain planning permission. Once planning permission is obtained the site is marketed and sold to the best bidder at the time. Our return is by way of pre agreed split of the purchase price.

What is an Option Agreement?

Sigma Strategic Land have the option to purchase the site from the landowner once planning permission is granted at an agreed discount to the value of the site with the benefit of the planning permission obtained.

To discuss these options further and to find out which is the best for you, please contact our land & planning team.

Working in partnership with you

The costs and technical expertise involved in successfully promoting a site for development are considerable. Sigma Strategic Land take that financial risk and once planning permission is obtained, then either purchase the site at market value or advertise and sell the site to the highest bidder upon your behalf.

We only take our return from the proceeds of sale when the site is sold, so our objectives and those of the landowners are aligned from the very outset: to maximise the development value of the land within the shortest possible timescale.

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