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Immediate Land

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We're always looking for immediate land

We are particularly skilled at seeing the opportunity, especially in sites that may have been overlooked or considered difficult by others.

Your land is a valuable commodity and our experience and expertise can help you maximise its full potential.


Our experienced team

We have a very experienced and dedicated in-house land and planning team who have the excellent connections and relationships that are very often essential in delivering the planning outcome that will maximise your lands development potential within the shortest possible timescales.


Quick to act

As a privately owned house builder we are very well funded and have a flat and decisive management structure that means that we can act quickly to evaluate and purchase land and to deliver the best chance of the certainty of outcome that you desire.


Our unique approach

We do not have a 'standard design' approach; each site is assessed on its merits. A specialist architectural design and supporting consulting team are appointed to realise a bespoke solution appropriate to the constraints and the opportunities of each site.

Sigma Homes

We are seeking sites either with or without planning permission

All types of development are considered from high density apartment and mixed-use sites in urban locations to low density housing sites in more sensitive village or edge of town locations. Minimum site size is typically from 10 houses/15 apartments upwards.

We typically operate within about an hour’s drive/50 - mile radius of our offices in Horsham. Our preferred area of operation is shown on the map.

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